• People who are Homebound due to any kind of disability are often overlooked when it comes to their ability to perform work and to contribute to society. Even if they can find work, an 85-year-old law allows employers to pay them less than the minimum wage which is unethical and a travesty.

    The world has changed following the 2020 pandemic and employers are realizing that working from home is feasible and can actually increase productivity and results. This has created opportunities for Homebound people who already know how to work from home to shine, but only if employers know that they are there, and the skill sets they have. 

    Homebound people are often the most loyal, trusted and hardest working employees anyone can find. Unbound Life, Corp. believes that they can contribute to business and society in a meaningful manner from which they too can personally benefit.

    Unbound Life, Corp.’s purpose is to match incredibly talented, productive, and loyal Homebound people with employers that believe in inclusion and realize the benefits of having a skilled and loyal workforce.
​Having had two debilitating strokes by the time he was 35, Vishal had a choice to give up or to fight even harder to evolve, live well, and help others. Today,  he is not only fully qualified and licensed as an Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist who helps people through their own difficult times, but he is also an entrepreneur building a business to help homebound people participate in and personally benefit from virtual business communities. 
Vishal grew up in Kenya, and by the age of 26, he was highly educated and had started building a successful professional career.  However, without warning, the following year he suffered a debilitating stroke, but through hard work and the selflessness of a loving family and support group he fought through it to regain his prior life. But then at 35, he suffered a second and even more debilitating stroke leaving him unable to sit upright, to talk, and to perform the simplest of functions. Again, Vishal was faced with a choice, and knowing this would be an even greater mountain to climb, he was determined to not only "scale Everest" but to do it in a manner that would help others. 

Through his experiences, Vishal realized two things:
  1. The human spirit has no bounds and when people are able to tap into theirs, they can achieve remarkable things 
  2. Homebound people can contribute to business and society in a meaningful manner from which they can personally benefit

For the last 4 years, Vishal has made it his passion and purpose to help others, and this has resulted in the launch of Transform and Flow, and Unbound Life Corp.

Unbound Life is the platform that matches incredibly talented, productive, and loyal homebound workforces with employers.

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